TOP 5 Baby Swimming Pools in Frankfurt
Warm Swimming Pools in Frankfurt

Jan. 15, 2024
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👶💦 Looking for a warm pool for your little ones? 🌡️ Here’s a roundup of cozy spots in Frankfurt, Germany to beat the cold outside!

  1. Titus Thermen - Nordwestzentrum
    Toddler area: 32°C
    Whirlpools: 36°C
  2. Panoramabad - Bornheim
    Toddler area: 35°C
    Whirlpools: 35°C
  3. Hallenbad Höchst
    Toddler area: 31°C
  4. Textorbad - Sachsenhausen
    ***Only Fridays: 32°C***
  5. Hallenbad Riedbad Bergen-Enkheim
    For non-swimmers: 33°C

Have fun with your little ones! 🐠❤️

*Extra Location: Vital Hotel Therme Frankfurt inside 30 degrees, outside 30 degrees for adventure pool! (Whirl pool 34 degrees)

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