TOP 5 Baby Swimming Courses in Frankfurt

Jan. 15, 2024
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👶🏊‍♂️ Many of you have been asking about baby swimming classes in Frankfurt, and I’ve got you covered! Here are some options:

1️⃣ Frankfurter-bäder @frankfurterbaeder (Hurry! Limited spots available!)

1.1 For ages 3-12 months:
- Titus Thermen (Nordwestzentrum)
- Panoramabad (Bornheim)
- Hallenbad Riedbad Bergen (Enkheim)
- Hallenbad Textorbad (Sachsenhausen)

1.2 For ages 6 months to walking age:
- Titus Thermen (Nordwestzentrum)

2️⃣ Wasserflöhe & Wasserfrösche

2.1 Eckenheim Schliemannweg 1, 60435 Frankfurt am Main (Gesundheitszentrum)
2.2 Seckbach: Wilhelmshöher Straße 34, 60389 Frankfurt am Main (Hufeland – Haus)

3️⃣ Starswimmers (‼️temporarily closed) @starswimmers_babyswimming

4️⃣ Swim2grow (Niederrad - Dorint Hotel) @swim2grow

5️⃣ TGB Aqua Sports (TG Bornheim)

*Extra Locations
1. Mermaid-meets-relaxation (Bad Homburg) @mermaid_meets_relaxation
2. Swim2grow (Mannheim) @swim2grow

- Before allowing your baby to submerge underwater, be sure to conduct extensive research
- You can find baby swimming diapers at DM

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