The best spots to watch planes
Frankfurt Airport

Feb. 27, 2024
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Each spot has its own beauty because there are things which you can see only from a specific spot.

Rank 3: Landing Site North-West
You can watch not only landing flights but also ICE (on the other side).
The only thing you have to be careful with at this spot is that you need to check the flight schedule in advance. We didn’t see flights every minute at this spot, and mostly the flights were cargo flights.

🅿️ Flughafenstraße 2, 63263 Neu-Isenburg (Parkplatz Luftbrückendenkmal)
*Parking lots are about 100m from the spot.

Rank 2: Airlift Monument
This spot is known for the Berlin Airlift Memorial (Luftbrückendenkmal).
There is an airplane like those used during the Berlin Airlift. So you can learn about German history but also enjoy watching flying flights.
Plus, if you walk to the bridge near the spot, you can also watch lots of cars. Babies/kids love it!

🅿️ 60549 Frankfurt am Main (Aussichtsplattform Zeppelinheim Planespotting)
*Parking lots for the monument and the spotting points are above the highway bridge.

Rank 1: Take-off site West
We chose this location as rank 1 because you can see the flights very closely, and it’s interesting for kids to see how the flight takes off.

🅿️ Airportring, 60549 Frankfurt am Main (Parkplatz Aussichtspunkt Südbahn)
*Parking lots are about 100m away at the Airportring / Okrifteler Straße.

Have a great time with your little ones ❤️

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