Play Cafe Zebulon
Indoor Playground in Frankfurt

Jan. 9, 2024
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Had a lovely time at Play Cafe, Zebulon 😊 Our little one enjoyed the slides very much!

Zebulon has an impressive 26-year history! Elke, the owner, got the idea after being amazed by a play cafe in the Netherlands in the ‘90s. With no such place in Frankfurt at the time, she decided to open one - her kids were the motivation.

Elke shared an interesting trend she’s noticed. Over the past two years, dads have been bringing their kids to the cafe more often. It’s a subtle yet interesting change in dynamics. There was even a day when only dads were around!

Feel free to swing by for a cup of coffee while your kids enjoy the playground. ☕

🕒 Opening Hours
Mon-Sat: 3pm - 6pm
Sun: 9am - 6pm (Reservations required for breakfast)

🎟️ Price
Adults & little walkers: €3 per person (includes a small drink)
Crawling babies: €1 for supporting the cafe

🍽️ Menu (will be uploaded)

📍 Grempstraße 23, 60487 Frankfurt am Main

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