How to Prepare for a Long Flight with a Baby
Recommended item list for a Long Flight with a Baby

Jan. 26, 2024
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Are You Planning a Long Flight with a Baby?

I took my little one from Germany to South Korea (around 11-13 hours, affected by the war in Russia and Ukraine) when he was 10 months old. I hope the following information will be helpful for your upcoming trip!

  1. Ensure you have your visa and international driver's license (Note: For German citizens, having an international driver's license doesn't allow driving in Japan).
  2. Check your mileage for a possible upgrade.
  3. If you lack enough mileage for an upgrade, check the bassinet size, considering weight and height limitations.
  4. Confirm whether you need to pay for your baby's seat(under 24 months) with cash or mileage for international flights. In my case, I paid 10% of my flight ticket with mileage.
  5. Order baby food (free of charge) and check the allowed luggage for the baby.
  6. Take your baby’s favourite food and some snacks.
  7. Pack plenty of burp cloths to soak up moisture due to the dry air on the plane.
  8. Bring entertainment such as books and toys, as well as a teether if your baby is teething. For recommended items, please check the list below.
  9. Liquid products for babies are allowed on the flight, so you don't need to stow everything in checked baggage.
  10. Pack enough diapers and a changing pad/cloth, as the provided diapers on the flight may be too small or large.
  11. Verify whether your stroller size is acceptable for in-flight use. If not, arrange for it to be taken before boarding.
  12. Feed any liquid products (breast milk, water, etc.) during takeoff due to pressure changes.


Be ready to pick up your baby when there's a seat belt sign for safety.

Book a window seat if possible. In my experience, having a window seat is much nicer as you can attach toys to the window and enjoy more privacy.

Business Class
After spending a significant amount of time researching, I couldn’t find any pictures of a baby and mom lying down together and sleeping. I just wanted to know if it’s possible. Now, I have the answer - Yes, it is possible 🥰 (please check the video link below - Mama Maps instagram).

Recommended Items for a Long Flight with a Baby 

Travel Stroller


Silicon Teething Straws: (my son’s favorite teether) 

Silicon Teething ball/ring:

Teething Ring: (better to buy this one than the big one because of mold issue) 

Nip Cooling Teething Ring:

Fun toys

Toys for windows or bathtub wall:

Cup tower toy:

Easy-to-Grip ball:

Montessori Teething Ring Toy:

Montessori Motor Skills Toy:

Montessori Teething Ring Toy: (+ 18 months)

Baby Fabric Book Toy:


Toothbrush 0-2 Years:

Baby Toothpaste:

Portable Changing Mat:

Nasal aspirator:


Banz Baby Earmuffs:


Snack Box:

Baby spoons:

Silicone lines for toys to hang on strollers:

Pram Hook:

Cup holder:

Bamboo Muslin Clothes: (I like them because they are so soft)

Baby Water bottle:

NUK Magic Cup:

A book about baby sleep:


Chew Proof · Rip Proof · Nontoxic · 100% Washable (They are very light!)

Water colouring book

  • (guide line is from 3yrs old but we got one from Korean airline and my son of 1yr liked it)

Sound books
You can let your baby to play the sound because it is so loud in the airplane that nobody can hear it :p. They are heavy but I brought some because they are my son's favourite books.

Items After Arrival

Swimming & Beach

Winter items

Pram Hand Warmer Muff:

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